The Calgary Welsh Society proudly presents its Spring Concert for Mother’s Day. The concert features Soloists Laura Styler, Edith Pritchard, Matthew Bruce, Aaron Dimoff with Ron Bennie as accompanist. The afternoon with feature selections from musicals, opera and Welsh favorites. Celebrate Mother’s day and join us for this FREE Concert !


The Junior Choirs Cantilena and Cantiga (ages 6 – 11) present “Sing Out With Joy”. Cantaré Children’s Choir was formed in 1997 by Founder / Artistic Director Catherine Glaser-Climie to enrich the lives of children through the power and wonder of music.
Cantaré’s commitment to training young voices and the development of comprehensive musicianship skills and literacy is evidenced by the breathtaking magic of their performances and extensive range of choral repertoire at the highest artistic level. This unique program offers four ensembles to meet the needs of differing ages and backgrounds. Come and hear the beautiful sounds of children’s voices. Tickets are $20, available at www.cantarechildrenschoir.org

This Week: [May 7th, 2017]

St. Stephen’s’ members are creative people. It’s reflected in the way we’ve developed our worship space as a hub for the arts, and our Memorial Hall as affordable studios for artists. It’s reflected in our programming, which includes the Midtown Mosaic, a major annual art show curated by Ginny Binder—herself a successful artist.

Sometimes our members break through themselves and make us proud. Two weeks ago Todd Hirsch and Rob Roach launched their book on successful adaptation to unwanted change. “Spiders in Space” begins with the observation that spiders in the International Space Station re-learned how to spin a web in zero gravity. Todd and Rob then collect stories of local adapters who, similarly, have learned to thrive when adverse changes rocked their world; and they draw conclusions about the personal qualities of successful adapters everywhere. An inspiring read, and all the more so because we know the inspiring authors bringing us the story!

Then, last week, our own Maureen Jones won a Rosie Award for Best Narrator at the Alberta Film and Television Awards in Edmonton. She was cited for her work in the 2016 short fantasy film, “It’s All in Your Head”, a creepy bedtime story about a monster in the closet. Her voice is described as “eerie and menacing … perfect for the story.” But we already knew that Maureen’s voice is “perfect for the story” for all the times she has brought the Biblical stories to life for us! Our congratulations to each of you!

Calgary Korean Choir One Voice

The Calgary Korean Canadian Choir under the direction of Hana kyung—hui Kim, is presenting its spring concert ‘ONE VOICE’. This is a mixed choir of 40 members and will be joined by the Foothills Philharmonic chorus under the direction of Tim Kortius as well as the Korean Children’s Choir. They will be presenting music ranging from Vivaldi to Arvo Part, along with Korean folk songs and art songs. Not to be missed event. Tickets are $20 and will be available at the door

This Week: [April 30th, 2017]

Reasonable people may disagree. Reasonable and caring people may disagree. We at St. Stephen’s are nothing if not reasonable and caring people. And, about one issue we’re all agreed: we must move the diocese forward to permit – at least as a local option – the blessing of same sex unions. But how to do it is another matter.
After the 10:30 service on April 9, we held a parishioners’ meeting to brainstorm ideas for action. There were ideas aplenty, offered passionately, persuasively and respectfully, all to be considered at Parish Council on April 30. The meeting itself was a powerful demonstration of our strength in diversity, hearing and coming to understand opposing views.

Here’s a sampling of the actions suggested: write and publish the story of our struggle in The Anglican Journal; join the Calgary lay movement Facebook site, “Moving Forward, Embracing Diversity;” lead an economic sanctions movement of like-minded parishes in the diocese; join the Diocese of Edmonton; fly the rainbow flag alongside a protest banner that explains our dispute; march in the Pride parade with banners stating our opposition to the Diocesan position; conduct an organized letter writing campaign, sending copies of every letter directed to the Archbishop also to the House of Bishops and the Diocesan Council; make a video of our story, for wide dissemination; go public.
All of these ideas will be considered at Parish Council and a proposal for next steps prepared for presentation to the congregation.

Thanks to all the reasonable, caring meeting attendees.


The Instrumental Society of Calgary proudly presents the Inglewood String Quartet with Hyewon Grillet-Kim, Jeremy Gabbert, Laurent Grillet-Kim, Josue Valdepenas. Joining this group of CPO virtuosos is Marcin Swoboda on viola as the Inglewood String Quartet performs a world premiere of Marcin Swoboda’s work based on the elements, Beethoven’s “Storm” quintet, and Brahms’ string quintet. Tickets are $25 for Adults, $20 for Seniors and $15 for students and will be available at the door.