Urban Portraits Photographer

picture1Kerri Singh, of Irish and Danish ancestry, was born and raised in southern Alberta. Married and with an eight year old son, she is the Founder and Photographer behind 2Create Photography, a childhood passion which she turned into a professional practise.  Her clientele and commissions are global and with many noteworthy corporations and individuals, including Indian Royalty.

At her core Kerri Singh is truly a multifaceted artist. She uses the medium of photography to manifest her artistic expression. Early experimentations with the use of mixed media, watercolor, pastels, charcoals & drawing taught her that art has many detailed layers.  She uses this knowledge with her photographic skills to create art, using the camera  as her brush and the world as her inspiration.

In her quest to capture the beauty that she envisions in people, places and nature she has extensively travelled across Europe, Indian subcontinent and North America. The energy of a person or place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important to her. Her work consists of balancing environmental portraiture and personal perspective. She captures the essence of her vision in documentary, theatrical or editorial styles then applies the metaphorical lens to create a spectacular memory, a moment in time.

She is currently working on art projects illustrating Women & Children of the streets in India, ‘Life in a Shopping Cart’ ( A documentary of homelessness in Canada)  and Exotic Tastes of India.

She lives and works from Calgary, Canada. You can read more about her on her blog at www.kerrisingh.ca.

Calgary Pride

St. Stephen’s has been a long-time supporter of the queer community, dating back to the days of Integrity Calgary, which met monthly here for many years, including several Pride Eucharists. Now, the queer community has taken many steps toward acceptance in our broader society.

This weekend is Pride weekend in Calgary, and there are numerous events to take in. Two, in particular, may be of interest to St. Stephen’s parishioners. The Pride Parade starts at noon on Sunday, September 4th, and runs along 9th Avenue from City Hall to Shaw Millennium Park.

It’s a fabulous event, and groups as diverse as ATB, Hillhurst United Church, and politicians come together to celebrate Pride by marching. As the parade wraps up, attendees often tag along at the end of the parade as they make their way to Shaw Millennium Park.

There, they’ll find a family zone, a Village Brewery-sponsored beer garden, and a marketplace highlighting fantastic products and services of interest to all people. Admission is free, and it goes rain or shine!

St. Stephen’s has been a proud ally of the queer community for years, and that legacy can continue, with your support, this weekend. Hope to see you there!

This Week at St. Stephen’s: May 22nd 2016

Picture32All our patience and preparation have paid off. Sometime in the coming months, a Syrian family will be arriving via Amman, Jordan , to begin a new life here in Canada. Together with St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, we are their sponsors and we will become their support while they settle in.


The family comprises a mom and dad and four children—two boys, 14 and 12, and two girls, 9 and 5. The dad and the older three children speak some English, there are no known medical issues, and the dad has transferable skills for employment here. It sounds like they are well positioned to succeed in their new life.


Our NeST team (Newcomer Support Team) will be submitting a formal application to the Central Processing Office for the Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) Program, the federal program to place UN-approved refugees with private Canadian sponsors. Once approved, the application will be forwarded to the Visa Office in Amman and we are told the family could arrive between three to six weeks after that.

unnamedSo there are still some bureaucratic steps to follow, but barring any unforeseen stumbling blocks we could be meeting our family a few months from now—lots of time to raise both money and awareness and create room for them in our hearts. More information will follow as it becomes available. In the meantime you can direct any questions to Carol Rose Skelly, NeST Co-Chair.