Search Committee News – October 12th 2018

From Barry Foster’s description, we know our work will consist of:
• Developing, in consultation with parishioners, a four to five page parish profile that covers: who we are; from where we’ve come; where we’re headed;
• Reporting regularly to the congregation;
• Preparing an advertisement for the position, to be approved by the Diocesan Office;
• Requesting from the Bishop all the applications, not just a short list (applications are sent to the Bishop);
• Interviewing prospective candidates;
• And, with the wardens, making the selection and requesting that the Bishop appoint him or her (this should be a formality).

The Committee’s next meeting is on October 21.

Search Committee News – September 30th 2018

The members of the Search Committee are: Anne J. Brown (Chair), Tim Crowe, Keith Moe, Cathi Nelson, Louise Redmond, Gavin Stuart and Gord Tallman. The committee is fortunate to be advised by Barry Foster.

Our initial meeting was held September 30 and much of the time was spent hearing from Barry a description of the work ahead. We are committed to making regular reports to parishioners; there will be announcements at both Sunday services and short memos in the newsletter and Sunday bulletin.

  • In this report, we are reproducing some of the advice we received about the process:
    Given the spiritual maturity of St. Stephen’s, we should probably be looking at a candidate with about 15 years’ experience.
  • The earliest we should think to have a new incumbent is June 2019 but:
    • If there is no suitable applicant, we should re-do the process;
    • It’s more important to do it right than to do it swiftly;
    • The successful applicant will likely have to give notice – sometimes as much as three months – of leaving a current position and should also have taken vacation time before beginning.

The Committee’s next meeting is on October 21.